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Game Review: Warzone - turn based strategy (Ficker, 2017)

Genre:             Games, Turn-based Strategy

Roll in industry: Casual

Target Demographic: 4+ (I have a hard time believing a 4-year old would be playing this)

Monetization: Free app, advertising, in-game purchases, monthly membership



Wow, where do I start? This is the game I have been hunting for: an asynchronous plot and simultaneous play turn-based strategy game. Wow.


But, what is awesome about this game is not that it is an asynchronous plot and simultaneous play turn-based strategy game (APSPTBS)(yikes, that makes for an even uglier acronym), but the community support system behind it.


Ficker has created a game engine that consumes community enhancements to game play. When creating a game there are hundreds of customizable settings and game modifications (mods are extensions to the game engine). Thousands of maps have been created by the community. Additional cards, graphics, colors.


And, support for the community with forums, clans, tournaments, ladders, quickmatching, and open game forums.


And, statistics. I love statistics. I am not sure if others would be so excited about seeing statistics about their attacks, defense, production, and charts of the growth and decline of your country’s area, but Warzone keeps all that for you.


Back to the APSPTBS, Warzone does indeed allow asynchronous plot. This is great as it allows you to think and make your moves while the other humans are doing the same. If you are all online, this speeds up the play.


But, the SP (simultaneous play) part of the game is less simultaneous than my lofty goals. In Warzone, your plotted moves are executed in their order, intermixed with the individually plotted moves of your opponents. So, if you move your surprise attack up first, before the opponent has the opportunity to reinforce, then the serialized nature of the battle is in your favor. For my games, I would want all the play to be simultaneous in execution.


With all that, the basic Warzone plays like the original, ahh, risky board game I used to play with my friends every year on New Year’s eve. Good clean fun.


Ficker. (2017). Warzone (iOS) [Video game]. USA: Randy Ficker.