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As my Grandma Keller used to always say, “Live and learn. Die and forget it all.”


What’s the one feature you’ll find with all video games today? You die. Then, respawn. You die. Then restore a save point. You die, and restart the level. Why can’t video games handle death, well, like death?


I’d like to introduce you to a new mobile game called WWI Flying Circus – where you fly for country, family, and prestige. Die and be forgotten.


With Flying Circus, you pilot your biplane high over no-man’s land through a series of turns, wingovers, Immelmanns, and barrel rolls – placing your friend or networked opponent dead in your sights. This turn-based simultaneous move-and-shoot dogfight forces you to stay one maneuver ahead of your opponent. Like a game of chess played in the air -- with one important difference: white and black move at the same time.


Become an ace with five kills. As your dogfighting prestige grows, you’ll be showered with awards and access to the best aircraft. Lose prestige, and risk having your prized aircraft stripped away.

Die, and you lose everything.


I’m Brian R. Smith, the chief designer and programmer at ChristmasWhistler. I’m a lifelong gamer (over 50 years) and programmer (since 14). My love for *both* is why we at ChristmasWhistler bring strategy games to your mobile device.


My ask? Come join my team beta-testers at Find out if *you* have the guts to risk it all in the air – as you fly for country, family, and prestige. Die and be forgotten.