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WWIFC A/B Testing Quick Pass -- Quick Play


One of the interesting yet difficult things when you are creating any application, including a mobile game, is creating a really cool, interesting, yet usable user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). That is, you want the user interface to be

  1. Consistent
  2. Perceivable
  3. Learnable
  4. Predictable
  5. and provides instant and accurate feedback at all times.


Like I said, interesting, yet difficult.


Often, there are two or more ways to accomplish the same thing. Sometimes it is obvious which is the best based upon science, best practices, or standards. Other times, it is best to mock up the different solutions and test with humans. This is just such the case.


In a mockup (functional, but not pretty) version of WWI Flying Circus (WWIFC) I created a configurable switch in the Settings to allow the user to turn on and off two different UI experiences. I then asked people, which they liked better.


  1. WWI Flying Circus Usability test number 1: Ask to Pass versus Quick Pass.
  2. WWI Flying Circus Usability test number 2: Ask to Play versus Quick Play.


The results


The Ask to Pass option received the majority of the votes. This was confirmed in two virtual interview-styled "face-to-face" meetings. Ask to Pass shall be the default. I will let the user change this in Settings.


Here, the choice between Ask to Play and Quick Play was less clear. More work needs to be done here to find out what is best for the majority of users, or noob users. Right now, the default shall be Quick Play. I will let the user change this in Settings.