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Brian R. Smith

Mastery Journal


Full Sail University mobile gaming master's

My path to the mobile game design masters at Full Sail Uni


My best friend Jimmy’s older brother needed someone to play against with his many strategy and tactics (war) games. I was 10, 5th grade, 1972, during the height of the Vietnam war. Back then, all you needed was a table top, a pair of dice, and learn from your frequent mistakes. We played after school and on weekends. As teenagers, we played well into night, in fact, well through the night and into the mornings. The games grew in size and complexity: to ping-pong tables and month-long campaigns.


Then, I bought my first computer, an Apple II+, and the gaming angles sang. Now I could marry my love of gaming with computers. I began writing my own games and dreamed of turning this love into a career.


Return to your origins


So, in 1980, off I went to an out-of-state Uni to become a programmer.


But, then, life happened. In 1982, Atari went bankrupt (Langshaw, 2018) along with the entire video game industry.


When I graduated in 1984, I took the best job at the time, working for a soul-less Large Multinational Corporation (LMC).


But, then, life happened. The LMC declared me “redundant” in 2016. I was 54.


Let go of the past


I could have then become a consultant, or manager at another LMC. But, I’ve always dreamed of getting back to my primal inclination – creating computer games. Robert Greene writes, “In order to master a field, you must love the subject and feel a profound connection to it.” (Greene, 2012, p. 31) . Well said, Mr. Greene. The fact is, I’ve never stopped tinkering with games over the years.


My goals at Full Sail


Over the course of the next academic year, I want to immerse myself in the business and technical side of the mobile gaming ecosystem. I know games, having been a gamer for the past 50 years. But, I am specifically interested in the approaches to game design, mobile game frameworks, and the business of mobile gaming. More to the point, I want to apply every lesson, every assignment, every reading against my capstone project. That’s why I’m here… to turn my ideas into reality.


Follow my journey here, as the youngest entered apprentice.


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