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Game Review: Ide Star Hero (TuTAPP, 2018)

Genre:             Games, Strategy, Castle Defense

Roll in industry: Casual

Target Demographic: 10+

Monetization: Free app, advertising, in-game purchases



I like a good castle defense game. But, Idle Star Hero (TuTAPP, 2018) is not one of them. First, let me give you an overview of the game play.


The game starts out with your foreground castle and approaching waves of well-rendered space bugs. This gives the game a sort of Starship Troopers (the movie, not the novel) motive right out of the box. I know I must kill the bugs before they overrun my base. Good.


At first, all you have is a Star Wars-like light sabre. You use your finger to swipe over the bugs to kill them. Good.


As the bugs get stronger, you must upgrade your automated and weaponized humans and turrets with the credits you earn from slicing bugs. Good.


But, this is where Idle Star Hero falls off the enjoyment rails. As your phalanx of turrets and the bugs they are blowing to bits get stronger… the light sabre becomes useless. Notice in the screen shot, the light sabre is doing 120 units of damage right next to an automated human turret that does 1.42K units. After a while, it is a waste of your time to swing your sabre. So, you sit back and watch the action.


The problem is, nothing you do really changes the action. Sure, as you level up your turrets, the bugs will die faster. But, they keep coming wave after wave. And your automatic turrets keep up the beautifully rendered carnage. Just as an experiment, I let Idle Star Hero run all night. The slaughter continued without me.


Worst, and the most damming, even if the alien bugs get to the base’s wall, they never seem to climb it, or break it down. They just are there, pulsating, until eventually, they are turned into something that needs to be scraped off the bottom of your boots.



A wonderfully rendered castle defense with an immediate motive. Wasted, as the game is way out of balance. Wasted, my time.


TuTAPP. (2018). Idle Star Hero (iOS) [Video game]. USA: TuTAPP.