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Game Review: Dogfight Elite (Joaquin Grech, 2016)

Genre:             Games, Multiplayer real-time flight combat

Roll in industry: Casual

Target Demographic: 9+

Monetization: Free app, in-game purchases



Another well-constructed Unity game. The 3D graphics are good, smooth. You are given two ways to fly your WWI biplane. One is via a virtual joystick in the lower left for your thumb. The preferred way is using the accelerometer to bank left, right, climb and dive. Both were good and I’m not sure which one I preferred myself. Your right thumb controls the throttle, bombs, and firing your forward facing machine gun.


After a short flight school which involves flying through hoops and bombing an airfield, you are thrown into the (air) wolves. Uber-aces are patrolling the skys with top-tier aircraft. I felt like flying cannon fodder, if that is even possible. It would have been nice to have been placed with other noob pilots like myseslf, until you become at least an ace. Then, blindfold and throw us at the Red Baron.


A feature that I felt was a bridge too far was that you could also lead a land attack with your horse or tank, or hang around your hanger as a soldier and defend the same. I did see (and bombed!) somebody attacking with a tank. But, again, this might have added a richness for strategic gameplay, but at a cost of muddying the playing field.


An interesting feature, that I would like to add to my Capstone project if possible, was a radio talk feature. You could hear and talk to the other pilots on your side. “Hey, I’m going in for a bombing run. Cover me.” I liked this feature.


Grech has a lot packed into Dogfight Elite… so adding more requirements feels like I am piling on… but it would be interesting to have two-seater biplanes with two cooperating humans. One flying and manning a forward gun. The other bombing and manning a rear swivel gun.


All in all, a good game. Well done.


Joaquin Grech. (2016). Dogfight Elite (iOS) [Video game]. USA: Joaquin Grech.