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Game Review: 1945 Air Force (ONESOFT, 2018)

Genre:             Games, Arcade

Roll in industry: Casual

Target Demographic: 10+

Monetization: Free app, advertising, in-game purchases



What originally attracted me to the vertical scrolled 1945 Air Force (ONESOFT, 2018) were its similarities to the original 1942 (Capcon, 1984).


But, this was not just a remake of the original. They added a lot of nice graphics, additional ground targets to demolish (laser beam bunkers) and indestructible missiles you must avoid (all while you are shooting and being shot at).


Better still are the controls for the aircraft. The original game had a joystick used to move your aircraft around in eight directions, and a button to shoot. This gave your aircraft a bit of a sluggish feel when you wanted to get to the other side of the screen. 1945 Air Force keeps this simple – and better. You touch the screen and move your finger around. Where your finger goes, your aircraft follows. The response is intuitive, quick, and fun. Your plane is automatically shooting as you touch the screen.


I did find the process to unlock additional airplanes and capabilities to be overly cumbersome. For a vertical scroller, you are forced to spend a lot of time moving through activities all designed to have you invest in your aircraft. All the time all I want to do is to get back into the air.



Yet, I am willing to put up with the marketing, as the execution of a 1942-esque vertical scroller is top-notch.


ONESOFT. (2018). 1945 Air Force (iOS) [Video game]. China: ONESOFT.