Brian R. Smith

Writing stories about færies and demons 

Spell Weavers: The first of Ireland


After Balor, a demon terrorizing bronze-age Ireland, consumes young Lugh’s family, he has but two choices. Bend the knee in nightmarish servitude, or lead the five Irish kingdoms to war — a war Lugh and his countrymen cannot win while Balor lives.

Yet, Lugh is more than the grandson of a poor blacksmith. Kidnapped and brutally enslaved at age eleven, a spell woven by Confucius himself draws the Irish lad ever eastward to the Land of the Dragon.

There his Confucian Master, Ziyǔ, frees him from slavery to begin the life-long learning of a Spell Weaver — those who seek an internal balance with the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. And, once balanced, allow Lugh to call down shimmering ribbons of light, which he weaves into powerful spells to manipulate the natural world.

Driven by deep-seated revenge and his desire to free the Irish, Lugh teams with a growing entourage including his childhood sweetheart and firebrand Fionnuala, the King's stalwart champion, a quick-witted leprechaun, and an adventurous mermaid. Their quest? Recover the five magic stones, one for each element, hidden and jealously guarded across the rich Irish landscape before all-out war destroys all.

Only these stones will unleash the universal energy for Lugh to weave Ireland’s thousand-year liberation from demons like Balor.