Brian R. Smith

author of books, computer programs, and complex IT systems.

I am an author of books, computer programs, and complex IT systems.

As an author, I am an experienced business and technical leader with the ability to manage multi-cultural teams toward common business objectives with a special knack for getting things “down on paper” including the authoring 24 IT estimation models, 22 technical books, and 12 technical trade magazine articles.

Yet, my love for authoring reaches far beyond the traditional.  I am also known for authoring complex IT systems, providing Technical Marketing Support for clients in Latin America, installing newly minted IT systems in Asia, running European brick-and-mortar conferences, and as an accomplished and engaging speaker having presented topics at conferences in 20 countries for more than 50 separate engagements.

I have a deep technical expertise in programming, networking, network security, the Internet and web technologies, virtual and brick and mortar conferences, IT Architecture, Systems Engineering, IT estimation, and curricula portfolio management.

In my spare time, I also have taught myself how to program for the Android mobile eco-system including an application that evokes IBM’s Cloud on Bluemix, Android games, and a wide range of Windows-based applications that include complex simulations and, yes, more games.

The fact of the matter is that I have done all these great things under the aegis of a large multinational corporation.  Now I shall turn my creative side loose authoring those things that matter to me the most:

  • Family, works of fiction, and computer games.

Do you want to join me in my next Grand Adventure?

“Work hard, study hard and play hard.  The real trick is to know when to do each.” – Brian R. Smith

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